Home Grading

PURPOSE of home grading

The purpose of parents grading worksheets at home is to ensure consistent daily practice and enable students to learn from their mistakes by correcting errors on the same day. When the worksheets are graded promptly, students are able to correct their homework while the memory of doing the exercises is still fresh in their minds. Grading the worksheets immediately helps children to have the learning results and make greater progress through worksheets. Home grading also sends an important message to your child: "We are in this together and your education is important to me."

BENEFITS of home grading

Students who learn from their mistakes right away are less likely to repeat the mistakes on future assignments. When the work becomes more challenging, correcting mistakes at home enables students to spend valuable class time, with access to the Instructor, working on new materials rather than correcting previously completed worksheets. Prompt grading makes it easier for students to maintain concentration until they get a perfect score. Students focus better and try harder when they know their assignment will be graded right away. Students can finish the day's work with a sense of accomplishment, which motivates them for the next day's assignment. Home grading gives parents the opportunity to praise achievement and encourage the effort made by their child to boost motivation and confidence.

5 BEST daily practices

• Homework should be completed daily and in the assigned order.

• Check that your child is writing accurate start and finish times on the first page of the assignment.

• Remind your child to read the directions and passages before writing his or her answers neatly

• immediately after your child completes the home assignment, grade it using a pen and an Answer Book provided by the Center.

• Encourage your child to correct any mistakes right away. When an error is made, have them erase only the incorrect part and write the correct answer. This method ensures that they learn from their mistakes.

ADVICE for parents

Home grading should be discontinued in favor of grading at the Center when it becomes too difficult due to time limitations or the level of the worksheet material. Students should correct their work on their own. If your child is unable to do the homework or corrections independently, advise her to ask the Instructor for guidance during the next class. The Answer Book should be kept in a secure location. We recommend that students do the Kumon assignment before school homework because the Kumon work is meant as a warm-up to normal schoolwork.