Math Level 6A

In level 6A, students become familiar with numbers up to 10 by counting pictures or dots and reading numbers. They should be able to read and easily recite numbers up to 10 and recognize the number of pictures or dots by counting.



• Write the name of your child, date and start time and end time on the 1st page only.

• Read the directions of the 1st page only to your child.

Always read “Attention Parents” Notes on page 1a-b, 30b, 31b, 33b, 101b, and 151a.

• Begin immediately after writing the start time.

• Always work from left to right, top to bottom.

• Count the pictures/dots while pointing to each one.

• If your child has difficulty with pointing on their own, you may guide their fingers as they count.

• If your child has difficulty with reading the numbers, model read the numbers and have your child read along with you.

• Praise your child when he/she has completed all the worksheets.


• Force your child to write their name, date and time.

• Include the object name when counting.

• Force your child to check the box if they can’t write.

• Use the worksheets to teach another language.

• Require your child to count each object or picture if they are able to say the total number without counting.