Reading 7A

The goal of Level 7A is for students to be able to repeat familiar words and simple expressions as they look at them and to increase their vocabulary by introducing 306 words.

7A Level Overview
7A Level Overview

Reading 7A - DO'S AND DON'TS


Write the name of your child, date and start time and end time on the 1st page only.

Read the direction of the 1st page aloud to your child.

Read the direction on the subsequent pages if necessary, to refocus your child.

Always read “Attention Parents” Notes on the 1st page of every set.

Begin immediately after writing the start time.

Always read from left to right, top to bottom.

Have your child point at the word, not the picture.

If your child has difficulty with saying the words, model read the words again.

If your child is not confident to repeat after you, use the “I say (parent), we say (together), you say (child)” rule.

Praise your child when he/she has completed all the worksheets.


Force your child to write their name, date and time.

Cover the pictures and ask your child to guess or read the word.

Teach your child to sound out the word.

Use the worksheets to teach another language.

Reading 7A - Recommended Reading List

1 - Barnyard Banter (Denise Fleming)

2 - Each Peach Pear Plum (Janet and Allen Ahlberg)

3 - Goodnight Moon (Margaret Wise Brown)

4 - Here Are My Hands (Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault)

5 - I Heard A Little Baa (Elizabeth MacLeod)

6 - Read Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young (collected by Jack Prelutsky)

7 - Quick as a Cricket (Audrey Wood)

8 - Three Little Kittens (retold by Paul Galdone)

9 - Where’s My Teddy? (Jez Alborough)

10 - Whose Mouse Are You? (Robert Kraus)

11 - All the Colors of the Earth (Sheila Hamanaka)

12 - Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing (Judi Barrett)

13 - Have You Seen My Duckling? (Nancy Tafuri)

14 - Lunch (Denise Fleming)

15 - The Carrot Seed (Ruth Krauss)

16 - Kitten’s First Full Moon (Kevin Henkes)

17 - The Napping House (Audrey Wood)

18 - On Market Street (Arnold Lobel)

19 - Ten Black Dots (Donald Crews)

20 - Ten Terrible Dinosaurs (Paul Stickland)